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Commercial law is the body of law that governs the way business firms enter into contracts with each other, execute contracts and remedy problems that arise in the process. Also known as business law, it is a broad area of law that interacts with many other areas of law such as environmental regulation, real estate, and food/safety laws.

Commercial Law is an incredibly broad term that can cover a large variety of more specific fields of law. The main part of this centres around the commercial context, involving companies. This is also a broad term, and can include merchant shipping, insurance, partnerships, manufacture and sale of consumer goods, and any commercial/company related legal disputes. Any part of law that involves companies and the regulation of said companies and the activities in which they engage in will almost undoubtedly require the use of commercial lawyers.

It is sometimes referred to as business or trade law, it regulates the conduct of people, merchants, and businesses who are engaged with trade, sales, and commerce, including e-commerce. It is one of the most important legal areas for businesses of any size. If this doesn’t apply to you then commercial law will still affect you as it covers consumer protection, contracts (including your employee contract), and intellectual property.

In addition to contract issues, common commercial law legal issues include:

  • Advertising and marketing disputes and violations
  • Unfair competition issues
  • Starting a new business
  • Transferring or terminating a business
  • Consumer complaints
  • Protection of intellectual property and trade secrets

Our Specialization

Our Corporate and commercial team advises on issues relating to the establishment and operation of companies, we have advised on issues relating to all different legal entities, such as shares limited by shares (anonyms eateries, society anonyms), limited liability companies, etc.

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